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About Department

B. Tech in Data Science (DS) is a new, exponentially growing field which consists of a set of tools and techniques used to extract useful information from data. The program encompasses AI & DS as an interdisciplinary, problem-solving oriented subject that learns to apply scientific techniques to practical problems

Data Science Department in G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Technology (GHRIET), Nagpur provides students with the necessary background in digitalized world. Data Science professional skilled with knowledge of computer science, statistics, and mathematics. They analyse, process, and model data then interpret the results to create actionable plans for companies and other organizations. Nowadays Data experts have to use IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which added optimization and computer Science as a method for uploading and analysing data. This new approach turned out to be much faster and effective, and so extremely popular. The proper interpretation and modelling requires good domain understanding; this becomes an inherently interdisciplinary endeavour.

The Data Science Department provides a full time eight semester, undergraduate BE program in data Science. It aims to learn the process of building, cleaning, and structuring datasets to analyse and extract their meaning. Objective of this program is to provide graduates in Data Science having appropriate training; who can deal, learn and analyse huge data for developing solutions for its management in different sectors. Learning of advanced tools is also one of the main objective for the program to cope of with the changing innovative and latest trend technology.

Digital transformation touches all areas of business, including product innovation, operations, go-to-market strategy, customer service, marketing, and finance. However, digitization is not only about the acceleration of business processes and leveraging new opportunities. It is also about the need to outpace digital disruption and solidify one’s position in a rapidly evolving business environment. To identify which areas need to be transformed and how, to eliminate the possible risks and avoid the unnecessary drain on resources, modern organizations adopt the data-driven approach to digital transformation. They use data science to collect, process, and analyze their business data, which they can then turn into actionable insights. After gaining knowledge of this specialized branch, students will be able to develop solutions by computing, implementing and utilizing algorithms for dealing with complex data. It includes multiple subject modules which let them become skilled professionals in Data Science.

Department provides several hands-on Workshops and Seminars which are an integral part of our academic programs. To minimize the college to industry gap, Data Science programs are introduced specially for the students by the Department of Data Science. Student-initiated clubs and forums are intended to promote innovative ideas and to adapt to the latest trend in technology

Our USP Briefing
MoUs The MOU opens opportunities to explore possibilities for collaborations on various research projects, joint organization of seminars and conferences, exchange of faculties and students and other professional, technical and academic collaboration benefiting students of the institutions.

Our MoU with:

  • 1. genX Info Technologies Private limited
  • 2. KCyber Security.
Faculty Expertise domains Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Mining,
Patents 03
Book Chapter 01
Copyrights 01
Faculty Awards 03
Faculty as Resource person / outside world Interaction Reviewers / Session Chair / Keynote speakers / Project Evaluators / Mentors.
DS Forum "Data Dynamo" Our Forum for students to showcase their hidden talent & relax from their busy academics schedule.
“Data Science Club” “Astronomy Club” 02
Guest Lectures 20
Skill Training Program 04
Social Media Awareness All our Departmental activities are regularly announced on our social media accounts of LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and College Website.
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HOD Profile

    Dr. Swapnili Karmore

    Associate Professor & HOD

Dr. Swapnili Karmore is Dean R&D and an Associate Professor in G.H Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur. She is recognized as PhD supervisor in Nagpur University and G.H.Raisoni Saikheda University. She has been associated with the teaching profession from fourteen years. She obtained a senior member grade in IEEE. She received the Institute of Scholar “Research Excellence Award” from the Institute of Scholars in 2021. She received a certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing ELSEVIER ISTA January, 2018. She received Nari Shakti Award” by All India Sonar Federation (AISF) on 8th March 2019 for Technical education excellence & remarkable work in women empowerment. She got “Shiksha Ratan Puraskar”; certificate of Excellence for Meritorious Service for outstanding performance and remarkable role at a seminar on Economic Growth & National Integration at New Delhi 10th June, 2013. She got UGC International Travel Grant for paper publication during her research work. (ICCSE2013 International Conference on Computer Science and education 2013). She has published five patents, one copyright and published seventy eight plus papers in International and National conferences and Journals. She is a Professional Member of the IEEE & Life member of ISTE. She has organized International conferences and conducted several workshops & guest lecturers for students and faculties. Her research interests include Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded systems and Software Testing. She has guided several projects including inter disciplinary projects of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Vision, Mission, PEO, PO & PSO

    Our Vision

  • To advance the state of the art in Data Science by providing quality education, using latest tools. To serve the local and the national community by creating awareness about IT related products and to impress upon then the importance of knowledge management. To contribute effectively to the nation, to produce quality human resource in the Data Science and Information Technology management for sustainable development of the country’s IT industry needs.

    Our Mission

  • The mission of the department is to educate students and enhance technical skills in the areas of Data Science by providing knowledge of latest trends, tools and technology.
  • To promote innovative and research-based projects/activities in the emerging application areas of technology convergence

    Programme Educational Objectives

  • PEO-I: Preparation: To prepare students to succeed in employment/profession and/or to pursue post graduate and research educations in Data Science discipline in particular and allied Engineering discipline in general.
  • PEO-II: Core Competence: To provide students with a solid foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals required to formulate, analyze and solve engineering problems requiring knowledge of Data Science & Engineering.
  • PEO-III: Breadth: To prepare students with engineering breadth to innovate, design, and develop software products and to contribute in providing solutions related to multidisciplinary real life problems.
  • PEO-IV: Professionalism: To inculcate in students professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills and team work to become a successful professional.
  • PEO-V: Learning Environment: To provide students with an academic environment that makes them aware of excellence and Lifelong learning in emerging technologies

Programs Outcomes

    Engineering Graduates will be able to:

  • 1. Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
  • 2. Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.
  • 3. Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
  • 4. Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
  • 5. Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.
  • 6. The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
  • 7. Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
  • 8. Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.
  • 9. Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
  • 10. Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
  • 11. Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
  • 12. Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

    Program Specific Outcomes

  • PSO1: Apply the skill to manage and secure data for utilization and developing solutions in the application areas of Health Care, Education, Agriculture, Intelligent Transport, Environment, Smart Systems & in the multi-disciplinary area of Data Science
  • PSO2: Demonstrate engineering practice learned through industry internship to solve live problems in various domains. Can able to cope of with the changing innovative and latest trend technology

Course Overview

BE Data science program combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful insights from data. Data science practitioners apply machine learning algorithms to numbers, text, images, video, audio, and more to produce artificial intelligence (AI) systems to perform tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence. In turn, these systems generate insights which analysts and business users can translate into tangible business value.

Data science is one of the hottest professions of the decade, and the demand for data scientists who can analyse data and communicate results to inform data driven decisions has never been greater. With the exponentially growing communications of various types and digitalization of almost every service spanning all domains, massive data is generated every minute and second, expertise needed to capture, to visualize, to model and to manage the data for utilization. Data science is the domain of study that deals with vast volumes of data using modern tools and techniques to find unseen patterns, derive meaningful information, and make business decisions. Data science uses complex machine learning algorithms to build predictive models.

Institution aims to minimize the college to industry gap, more and more industries are coming to realize the importance of data science. Regardless of industry or size, organizations that wish to remain competitive in the age of big data need to efficiently develop and implement data science capabilities or risk being left behind. There is a huge application of Data Science in medical, industries, business and Information technology world. Huge scope of jobs, as there are a lot of varied roles in the data science industry. A data visualization expert, a machine learning expert, a data scientist, data engineer, data architect etc. are a few of the many roles that students could select after completion of course.

Increasing demand in Data digitization leads to a great demand for Data Science professionals, not just in India but abroad as well. The demand has almost increased day by day. The B. Tech Data Science course provides students with an edge over other professionals who have an IT background.

Course Eligibility Criteria

For admission to B. Tech Data Science in our best engineering college in Nagpur, the candidate must have passed HSC or its equivalent examination with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the Chemistry or Biotechnology or Biology or Technical Vocational subjects and obtained at least 50% marks for open category (at least 45% marks, in case of Backward class categories and Persons with Disability candidates belonging to Maharashtra State only) in the above subjects taken together and the Candidate should have appeared in all the subjects in MHT-CET and should obtain non zero scores in MHT-CET.

Admission Procedure:

G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Technology offers a BE Data Science to eligible candidates to impart students with the skills and the mastery needed to succeed in the field of BE Data Science. BE Data science Engineering is a four years, eight Semester full-time course. Apply now to get admission to the best Data Science College in Nagpur.

To take admission to BE Data Science in GHRIET, one of the best Data Science College in Nagpur, apply here:

Course Duration: Four Years (Eight Semester)

Fee Details: As per Shikshan Shulk Samiti

Pattern of the Course: Semester

Program Level Name of Course Course Type Medium of Instruction Sanctioned Intake
UG Data Science Regular English 60

Future Scope of the Course-

(a) Types of Further Studies: Students can propagate their career as Data Analytic, Data Scientist. They can form hypotheses, can perform experiments to gather data, can improve and assess data’s quality, can clean and streamline datasets and can organize and structure data for analysis. They can do further studies to get expertise on Data handling by writing algorithms in coding languages to collect and analyse big data. They can also significantly speed up the processes of gathering and analysing data

(b) Jobs Opportunity: Latest surveys indicate that data connectivity and integration are considered as critical components for digital transformation by most businesses. The number of job postings for data scientists is growing day by day. Related search queries for ‘Data Science’ have increased four times over the past five years. As a result, a lot of companies that want to unlock the power of their data lack the necessary expertise or resources. Data science has several applications in Healthcare, Gaming, Image Recognition, Recommendation Systems, Logistics, Fraud Detection and Banking. Job opportunities are open for the students in all the mentioned sectors.


GHRIET, Nagpur has intensely made arrangements for the Training and Placement cell. This cell completes various pre-exercises that can assist students with getting ready for recruitment. To do these placement drives we have teamed up with around 200 companies/organizations. A great deal of these companies visit our institute for the recruitment process. The placement department has continuous interaction with the industries to have an idea of what the industry expects from our students who work under the guidance of the Principal and Placement cell officer. It acts as a link between the industry and the students. So, if you are finding the best computer science engineering college in Nagpur for Data Science (BE DS), GHRIET, Nagpur offers you the high-class facility and quality education one can excel in the desired field.

Departmental Activities

  • CR meeting.
  • Parents Teacher meet.
  • Students Counselling.
  • BoS Meeting.
  • IIT / NIT / Industrial Guest lectures.
  • Industry college Interaction sessions
  • Data Science Club.
  • Astronomy Club.
  • Data tron
  • Faculty as Resource Person.
  • STTP Program Hosted.
  • IPR Awareness Programs
  • Continuous R & D activities.
  • MoUs / Collaborations
List of Guest Lecture
Sr.No. Expert Name Title Event Date
1 Dr. Swati Manekar,Nirma University, Ahmedabad. Expert talk on Bioinformatics 03 September 2021
2 Mr. Mukesh Kawatghare.KCyber Security, Nagpur. Attack in Database (SQL Injection, DoS). 18 September 2021
3 Dr. Sanghratna Godbole, NIT Warangal Graph Theory 20 September 2021
4 Dr. Mansi Radke, VNIT. Nagpur. Information Retrieval 4 October 2021
5 Pramod Kumar Singh, Emerges Software Solutions Data Science and its career opportunities 29 October 2021
6 Dr. Puja Shrivastav I Nurture Raipur. Control Unit Design and Applications 8 December 2021
7 Dr Mridu Sahu, NIT, Raipur. Time Series Analysis 10 December2021
8 Mr. Parag Dhawan, VNIT.Nagpur. Data Science 11 December2021
9 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Plagiarism and Policy 26 Feb 2022
10 Dr. Rachna Somkumwar, D.Y. Patil Pune. Computer Graphics Visualization 24 March 2022
11 Vaishali Surguse, KDK, Nagpur. Asymptomatic Notation & Analysis of Algorithm 24 March 2022
12 Dr. Yogeshri Choudhari, KDK, Nagpur. Recurrence relation and Divide Conquer Strategy Recurrence relation and Divide Conquer Strategy
13 Mr. Arpit Yadav, INSOFE Bangalore Application of AI in Healthcare 22 March 2022
14 Dr. Sanghratna Godbole, NIT, Warangal. Software Engineering and Project Management 8 April 2022
15 Mr Upendra Chaourasia, NIT, Warangal. Deadlock in Operating System 8 April 2022
16 Dr. Mridu Sahu, NIT, Raipur. Design Analysis of Algorithm 19 May 2022
17 Mr Parag Dhavan, VNIT, Nagpur. Keras Deep Learning Library & Deep learning Model 21 May 2022
18 Mr Shravan Purvey, Chandrapur. Design Analysis and Algorithm 12 Jun 2022
19 Rakesh Pandey, Director, genX,Delhi Python for Data Structure 11 July 2022
20 Rakesh Pandey, Director, genX,Delhi Industry College Interaction 29 July 2022
List of Skill Training Program
Sr.N Event Date Title Expert Name
01 10 to14 Feb 2022 Skill Development Training Program on “Deep Learning” Mr Arpit Yadav, Senior Data Scientist, INSOFE Bangalore
02 17 to 18 Feb 2022 Two Days skill Training Program on “Mobile Development IOS /Android” Mr. Chandra Rao, Senior Software Engineer, Food Panda, Singapore
03 20 to 25 July 2022 Six Days Skill Training Program on “Advances In Machine Learning” Mr. Parag Dhawan, SCM Engineer, Prakat Solution Pvt.Ltd., India
National Level Tech Fest Tech Krunch-2K22 “Data Tron”
Sr.No. Event Name Event Date Number of Entries
01 Hand & Feet 21/04/2022 40
02 Debugging 21/04/2022 40
03 Cicada 3301 22/04/2022 25
04 Logo Quiz 22/04/2022 25
05 Men In Action 23/04/2022 50
06 Box Cricket 23/04/2022 50
07 Data Deeds 23/04/2022 50

Academic Calendar

Labs Facility

Data Science Lab
Data Analytics Lab
Data Science Lab
Data Analytics Lab
Data Science Lab
Data Pre-processing Lab
Data Science Lab
Data Pre-processing Lab
Data Science Lab
Data Visualization Lab
Data Science Lab
Data Visualization Lab

Faculty Details

Video Lectures

Scheme & Syllabus

Updated Scheme 2022 2023
Scheme & Syllabus

Faculty Achievements & Awards

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Name of Award/Achievement Award by/Host place Year
01 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Award: “Research Excellence Award” Institute of Scholar Institute of Scholar 2021
02 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Recognation: Recognized as PhD supervisor in Nagpur university Nagpur university 2021
03 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Trainer: Delivered expert lecture in One Week FDP “Recent and Emerging Trends in IT” by D.Y. Patil Institute of Technology, Pimpri, Pune on 27-07-2021. D.Y. Patil Institute of Technology, Pimpri, Pune 2021
04 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Best Paper Award, Power - Aware Routing Protocols for Wireless Networks: An Empirical Study.MNNIT Allahabad, Prayagraj, India. MNNIT Allahabad, Prayagraj, India. 2022
Publications in International Journals by Faculty
Sr.No. Name of Author Title of Paper Name of Journal National/ International Year of Publication Organizer
01 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Mental Illness Detection through Audio Signal Processing. Emerging SCI Journal Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications “Web of Science” International 2020 Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur
02 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Design and Development of Privacy Preservation Approach in Data Mining: A Literature Review Paper" Elsevier SSRN International 2022 5th International Conference on Innovative Computing And Communication ICICC 2022
03 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Statistical Evaluation of Power-Aware Routing Protocols for Wireless Networks: An Empirical Study International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies (IJIIT) (Scopus) (ESCI) International 2022 MNNIT Allahabad, Prayagraj, India.
Publications in International Conferences by Faculty
Sr.No. Name of the Author Title of Paper Name of Conference National/ International Year of Publication Organizer
01 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Mental Illness Detection through Audio Signal Processing ICIDC2020,International conference on Intelligent system Data Science and Computing International 2022 Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur
02 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Design and Development of Privacy Preservation Approach in Data Mining A Literature Review Paper International Conference on Innovative Computing and communication ICICC-2022 International 2022 Organized by Shahid Sukhdev College of Business studies University Delhi
03 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Statistical Evaluation of Power-Aware Routing Protocols for Wireless Networks: An Empirical Study during the International Conference on Advancements in Interdisciplinary Research (AIR-2022) held on International 2022 MNNIT Allahabad, Prayagraj, India.
04 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Empirical Evaluation of Density-Based Clustering Rule Mining Models for Dynamic Data:Statistical Perspective International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Smart Infrastructure (ICISSI-2022) International 2022 International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Smart Infrastructure
05 Dr. Swapnili Karmore A Review on performance of broadcasting protocol for Ad-hoc and Sensor Network International Conference on 'Recent Developments in Mechanical Engineering-2022' International 2022 Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur
06 Dr. Swapnili Karmore An IoT-based Solution for Military Healthcare Monitoring Artificial Intelligence Big Data Analytics (ICAIBDA-22) International 2022 GHRIET, Nagpur
07 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Smartstick With Smart Navigation System Artificial Intelligence Big Data Analytics (ICAIBDA-22) International 2022 GHRIET, Nagpur
08 Dr. Swapnili Karmore An Analytical Review on Challenges and Solutions for Secure Data Access through Blockchain-Based IoT Artificial Intelligence Big Data Analytics (ICAIBDA-22) International 2022 GHRIET, Nagpur
Book Chapter
Sr No. Name of the Author Title of Paper Book Chapter National/ International Year of Publication
01 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Empirical Evaluation of Density-Based Clustering Rule Mining Models for Dynamic Data:Statistical Perspective Taylor and Francis Group International 2022
Sr.No. Name of Faculty Registration Number Title of Work Diary Number Date of Certificate
Sr.No. Name of the Faculty Title of Patent Patent No Patent No Year
01 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Intelligent Immuno Meter IN-UP85955945128416T Registered 2021
02 Dr. Swapnili Karmore Network Gateway Device App. No.: 344543-001 Published 2021
03 Dr. Swapnili Karmore An Intelligent System & method to Track and navigate Moving Objects in a Smart Environment using IoT Network App. No.: 2021106062 Published 2021
04 Ms. Priyanka Pitale Method and Process to Improve the Digital Education System 202221004893 A Published 2021

Students Achievements & Awards

Students of Data Science Department have participated in inter and intercollege activities.

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