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Raisoni Group of Institution is inviting proposals to engage professional agencies as a assistance, guide or collaborator for services of Training, Marketing, IT management, Digital management and others (Detail in Annexure – I), involve managing the concerned services and platforms for dissemination of information, online reputation management, creative services, awareness about brand Raisoni and online marketing of the various programs that are delivered by the Schools and colleges of the institutions.

  • The complete details regarding scope of work, eligibility conditions, term and condition is mentioned in this Annexure I & II.
  • Interested and eligible agencies, which are willing to meet the stated requirement, are requested to kindly submit their competitive bids/offers through Email.
  • The competent authority Raisoni Group reserves the right to amend any of the terms and conditions contained in the Annexure II document or reject any or all the bids without giving any notice or assigning any reason thereof. The decision of Raisoni Group in this regard shall be final and binding.
  • All the prospective bidders are requested to read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract as detailed in the Annexure II before submitting their bids, as no change or violation of the terms and conditions are permissible once the bid is accepted by this Institution.
  • The tenders are being invited through web portal of Raisoni group ( or forward on given email.
  • The tender document can be previewed and downloaded from the group’s various schools and colleges web portal under “Tender” section, on the home page.
  • The deadline for submission of bid is 11.59 P.M. on 25th June, 2021.
  • For further details, bidders may contact Ms. Swati, Coordinator at +91-9657468658 or e-mail at
  • The tenders will be opened on 10th May, 2021 at 12.00 AM.
Annexure I:
Service Details:
1 Dance Dance master with relevant experience
2 Designing & Editorial Designing Firm, Content Creation Firm
3 Digital Marketing Digital marketing Agencies
4 EPC(Education Promotion Cell) Admission Assisting Firms/Marketing Agencies
5 IT IT Firm with Hardware & Software expertise
6 MIS MIS service provider
7 Student Placement Placement Companies
8 Public Relation PR Firm
9 Publication Books Distributer, Seller
10 Training Skill Development Training Entities, Soft Skill Training
11 Web Web Designing Firms
12 Manpower Services Manpower Agencies
13 House Keeping Services House Keeping Agencies
14 Advertisement Ad agencies
Annexure II:
Procedure, Terms & Conditions
  • Raisoni Group of Institutions Reserves All Rights.
  • It is the responsibility of the Bidder to ensure that the bids are up loaded in time on Raisoni Group’s web portal on or before the prescribed date & time for submission of bids.
  • Raisoni Group reserves the right to solicit additional information from bidders.
  • Raisoni Group reserves the right to accept the whole, or part or reject any or all bids without assigning any reasons and to select the Bidder(s) which, in the sole opinion, best meets the interest of the Raisoni Group.
  • Raisoni Group also reserves the right to negotiate with the bidders placed as H1 bidder in the interest of the organization.
  • Raisoni Group reserves the right not to accept bid(s) from agency(ies) resorting to unethical practices or on whom investigation/enquiry proceedings have been initiated by Government investigating Agency/Vigilance Cell.
  • All information contained in the proposal, or provided in subsequent discussions or disclosures, is proprietary and confidential. No information may be shared by the bidder with any other organizations/Agency.
  • The Agency/Firm selected is not supposed to use its name, logo or any other information/ publicity on content published on social media platforms of Raisoni Group.
  • The Agency/Firm must maintain uniformity in the uploading of content on the platforms and application. Any content which is replaced, renewed or removed from any platform shall be simultaneously modified on the other platforms and applications instantly.
  • All material, art work used in management of Social Media Network will be property of the Raisoni Group. Content shared online must be copyright protected.
  • All creative- physical as well as digital- will be property of Raisoni Group and its Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) will vest with Raisoni Group.
  • The timeline/schedule of deliverables will be decided as and when the requirement /task activities arise. Bidder should complete the job/activities as and when asked by Raisoni Group.