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Student’s Club Incharge

A club is an association of student united by a common interest or goal. With an objective of help students to pursue their hobbies and interests and to bring people together the student clubs are created at the institute. As a club member one knows about one's self, one's interests and one's goals. Based on this GHRIET formed various student’s clubs such as Toastmasters club, Arts and craft club, coding club, dance club, etc.

Joining student clubs give you the opportunity to meet a diverse population of people that allow you to expand your thinking and interest. Leadership Skills: Joining a club allows you to develop leadership skills within an environment of your peers.

During each session various activities are conducted under Student’s club. Student activities are student-focused extracurricular clubs and programs offered at a college. Student activities are generally designed to allow students to become more involved on campus.

Toastmasters Club

The ability to stand and speak in front of public is not an easy task. Most people fear it more than anything else. This is the utmost required skills of today’s market. Corporate world requires well-rounded communicator; employees who are able to convey information in a clear and concise manner.

Taking this into consideration GHRIET, Nagpur has established Toastmasters Club for its students. This club caters to the need of developing communication skills by organizing various activities such as ‘What does the word day’, ‘Debate competition’, ‘Group Discussion’, ‘Oratory Competition’ etc.

Conducted Activities Date of Activity Number of Participants
Group Discussion 10/10/2020 04
Introduction of students 03/10/2020 11
What Does the word say 01/10/2020 65
Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation Club

The practice of yoga is a great way to balance your mind, body and spirit. Meditation allows the mind to clear and improve self-awareness. Proper breathing regulates the nervous system. Physical practice can balance other fitness routines or provide an outlet for physical movement and endurance.

While doing engineering students go through a lot of stress & fear. To overcome such problems we have formed ‘Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation Club’. Under this club we organize many activities like breathing patterns and exercise, Stress management by Yoga, memory management by Yoga which helps students to increase confidence, focus more and sharpen leadership skills.

We have formed a student governing council & managing committee to organize various activities smoothly under this club. Mr. Arbaz khan is president &Mr. Yogesh Rathod, is faculty in-charge of club. Dr. Vivek Kapur, Director, GHRIET, Nagpur and Dr. Lalita Bisen, FYC are the mentor of the club.

Conducted Activities Date of Activity Number of Participants
Relaxation by Yoga & Meditation 01/10/2020 43
Coding Club

In today’s rapidly changing environment, programming skills are essential tools that can be utilized and incorporated into various fields and domains. Hence, it becomes absolutely essential to equip young minds with such skills. Coding Club aims to establish a coding culture on campus, reaching every student passionate about coding. Coding club organizes events and shares sessions from Alumni, coders, hackers and mentors. Club also organizes sessions from various industry experts. Coding club aims to -

  • Conduct more coding competitions to reach every student on campus
  • Conduct workshops on areas of computer science like web development, application development, machine learning, IoT etc
  • Organize workshop and technical talks on various competitions and concepts of computer science

Organize talks/sessions by experts and alumni about internship and placement preparation

Conducted Activities Date of Activity Number of Participants
Clash of Code 02/11/2020 20
Scratch Workshop 10/10/2020 53
Design IT-Web Designing Competition 26/09/2020 17
Arts and Craft Club

Students club is the platform where students can showcase their hidden talent following this Computer Science and Engineering Department hosting Arts and Craft club the main motive of this club is to bring all the students together and implement their ideas by conducting various activities like Poster Competition, Face mask, Rongoli competition, Stone painting etc. Craft Club is a national campaign from the Crafts Council that champions craft groups in schools, community centres, libraries and anywhere else you can bring people together to share craft skills.

Craft is a form of making which generally produces an object that has a function: such as something you can wear, or eat or drink from. This club nurtures the imagination of the students and helps them to develop and strengthen their skills.

This also gave a boost to the student's creativity and thinking skills. Art & craft Club sparks students’ creativity by exploring art, photography, and graphic design. Students have the opportunity to create and share their own creative designs.

Conducted Activities Date of Activity Number of Participants
Face Mask Making 31/10/2020 31
Best out of waste 29/10/2020 42
Stone Painting 26/09/2020 41
AI Club

The Club is forms to encourage young upcoming Engineers from all fields to contribute and participate in various activities under the AI Club. To showcase their hidden talent in the domain of Artificial Intelligence, to explore new dimensions in this field and come up with innovative solutions for our society.

To encourage, motivate and support new ideas and skill enhancement are the main objective in forming the club. Hands on practice on latest technology and programming language are our main concern.

Conducted Activities Date of Activity Number of Participants
Boat Design Training 03/10/2020 120
AI Quiz 26/09/2020 60
Drama Club

Drama Club is designed for students interested in learning more about the aspects of theater. This includes learning stage terminology, working on acting skills, set building, and costumes/makeup design. The Drama Club is dedicated to bringing the joy and power of Drama to students by providing high quality dramatic programming at the beginner and intermediate levels.

It pledges to offer participants the chance to experience the excitement and rewards of theatre arts while developing poise, social skills, confidence and the ability to work with others.

Conducted Activities Date of Activity Number of Participants
Short Film 03/11/2020 21
Mime Competition 26/09/2020 9
Renewable Energy Club

Renewable Energy Club is an unique student club under Centre of Excellence deals with all aspect of Renewable Energy and special utilization of Solar Energy for effective utilization, Energy efficient engineering techniques and green energy. Major objectives are to Create awareness among the students about the benefit of Renewable energy usage, To provide students a platform to learn about the energy industry and employment opportunities in renewable energy sector & to equip the students with knowledge and skill so that they may become successful professionals and leaders in the energy industry

Conducted Activities Date of Activity Number of Participants
Solar PV Technology 19/11/2020 24
Poster Making Competition 02/11/2020 10
30 hours Value added course 12/09/2020 63
Dance Club

Young adults sometimes have a struggle to find something exciting and safe to do on the weekend. It’s hard to find fun things that are not too dangerous. In the past, finding excitement has been a challenge for me, also, but in recent years I personally have found excitement in dance clubs and dance music. I find dance clubs, with large crowds of young people, usually eighteen years and older can be a place to let loose of the weekday pressures and just have fun. With the large crowds, clubs usually sell out and long lines from outside, with people waiting to get into the “crazy environment of the club.”

Conducted Activities Date of Activity Number of Participants
Footwork(Introduction of Dance) 29/10/2020 24
Dancing Vibes 20/09/2020 09
Photography club

Main objective of this Photography club to encourage members to take photos, helps to other interested students improve their craft and learn new skills. Members of this club create videos, Photoshop actions and publish on social media such as Facebook, Instagram. Different activities conduct under this forum. Photography activities give members a chance to be exposed to a larger audience. This is platform with lot of opportunities for learning and improvement their skills.

Conducted Activities Date of Activity Number of Participants
Photography competition 24/10/2020 15
Basic tips for photography beginners 22/10/2020 50