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Sr. No. Name Designation at Institute Designation at Academic Council
1 Dr. Vivek Kapur Director, GHRIET, Nagpur Chairman
2 Dr. O. G. Kakde Director, IIIT, Nagpur Member, Educationist Expert 1
3 Dr. N. C. Shivaprakash Professor, IISc Bangalore Member, Educationist Expert 2
4 Dr. B. B. Ahuja Director, COE, Pune Member, Educationist Expert 3
5 Dr. L. M. Gupta Professor, VNIT, Nagpur Member, Educationist Expert 4
6 Awaited Member, Educational Expert 5 (Commerce)
7 Awaited Member, Educational Expert 6(S & T)
8 Dr. K. R. Randive Nominee of RTMNU External Member
9 Dr. D. B. Malpe Nominee of RTMNU External Member
10 Dr. Smita Acharya Nominee of RTMNU External Member
11 Dr. Tushar Shende CoE, GHRIET, Nagpur Teacher Member
12 Dr. Achal Shahare Registrar, GHRIET, Nagpur Teacher Member
13 Dr. Manjusha Aware Dean, R & D, GHRIET, Nagpur Teacher Member
14 Dr. Swati Dixit Associate Dean Academics Teacher Member
15 Dr. Sonali Ridhorkar HoD, Computer Sci. Engg HoD. Members
16 Dr. Smita Nirkhi HoD, AI HoD. Members
17 Mrs. Devashree Marotkar HoD, E & TC Engg. HoD. Members
18 Dr. Lalita Bisen Incharge, First Year HoD. Members
19 Mr. Tejpal Parshivnikar HoD, Mech.Engg. HoD. Members
20 Dr. Anant Murmu HoD, Civil Engg. HoD. Members
21 Dr. Sanjay Kumar HoD, EE Engg. HoD. Members
22 Dr. Sudhir Juare Dean, Commerce & Management HoD. Members
23 Dr. Anupam Chaube Dean, Science & Technology HoD. Members
24 Dr. Arvind K.Mahalle Dean Academics Member Secretary

First AC MoM 19th Sept. 2019
Second Academic Council MOM
Third Academic Council MOM